LUGDAA, Lucknow University
Geology Department Alumni
Association is a non-profit
registered in the
state of Uttar Pradesh, India.
This alumni association was
established in October 2009.
It is an independent  
organization exclusively for
the Geology Department, now
known as 'Centre of
Advanced Study in Geology'.
LUGDAA has been organized to operate exclusively to keep alive the spirit of affection and
reverence for our alma mater, including, but not limited to, fostering communication and
relationships among alumni, students, faculty and staff; developing volunteer alumni
contributions and financial support; nurturing unique educational experience of the Geology
Department by directing alumni gifts towards Library, Museum, Equipments, Construction of
new buildings and various contingent expenses for educational purposes.

The mission of LUGDAA is to inspire and reconnect alumni to the Geology Department and
each other through communications for the purpose of generating multifaceted support for
the Geology Department of Lucknow University.

The Vision of LUGDAA is to provide a forum that sustains and strengthens the lifelong bond
between alumni and the Geology Department of Lucknow University.
This site is designed, developed and maintained by a LUGDAA member, Suman Jha.
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