Welcome to the Archives web site!

This site contains information about the Geology Department since it was founded in 1942
by the late Professor Birbal Sahni, F.R.S. The department takes pride in its founding
members and successors namely, late Prof. S.R.N. Rao, late Prof. R.C. Mishra, late Prof.
S.N.Singh, late Prof. K.P. Vimal, late Prof. S.K. Singh, Prof. I.B. Singh, and Prof. M.P. Singh.

Over the years, the department has evolved and attained its current stature through
excellence in research, publications and dedications of its past and current staff. The
department has staffed world renowned scientists, such as, Prof. H.L. Chhibber, Prof. P.N.
Ganju, Prof. B.S. Tewari, Prof. S.B. Bhatia, Prof. A.D. Kharakwal, Prof. K.S. Valdiya and
Prof. Ashok Sahni to name a few.

The effort of Archival collection is led by Dr. Vibhuti Rai. The collection has been greatly  
expanded to include materials from documents of student library receipts, rare photos to
alumni diaries and manuscripts for publication.