Previously known as "Department
of Geology", the recent
establishment has come a long
way to earn its new name of
"Centre of Advanced Study in
Geology". We alumni take pride in
the advancement of our Geology
All of us have benefited from the
department library facility. This
library provides in-house access
to advance our knowledge and
further research in our area of  
interest. Donation fund will be
used to purchase rare books,
back issues of journals, maps
and other library materials.
While many of us may not have used
this state-of-the-art Remote Sensing
cum Computer laboratory, housed in
our Geology department; we all take
pride. This lab was established in 2006
and is used by post-graduate students,
research scholars, department and
guest faculty. Donation fund will be
used to purchase new and replacement
equipment for this lab.
Picture of Geology Museum
Geology Department Museum carries
wealth of common and rare fossils, rocks
and mineral specimens. It is a prized
possession of our department. Donation
fund will help contribute towards the
purchase specimens, displays and
equipment for museum.
Alumni donation fund will facilitate hosting of
the seminars, workshops and symposiums.
The funds can be optimized to help geology
community building events such as alumni
meet, reunions. Funds will also be used to
meet portion of travel expense for Geology
field trips.
Picture of Geology Museum
Picture of Geology Department  
Expressions of the
Unfolding Gratitude