Dr. Anil Chandra  [1964]
Resident of Lucknow, Dr. Chandra completed his PhD
from Lucknow University in 1971. He was engaged in
palaeobotanical research at the Birbal Sahni Institute of
Palaeobotany, Lucknow since December 1964 and
retired from the same Institute in December 2004.

Dr. Chandra will be providing his leadership expertise to
accelerate our focus on expanding our network. His 40
years of exeprience in the field of Geology and local
residence can help in reaching out to alumni and inspire
trust and confidence among those we serve.
Mr. B.K. Bisaria  [1970]
Mr. Bisaria worked in the field of geology and retired as
a Director from GSI, Lucknow in 2010. During his career
at GSI, he was instrumental in preparation of over 900
geological maps of Northern India region.

Mr. Bisaria will work on bringing ideas of arranging a talk,
a group discussion with M.Sc final year students for
advising them how to prepare themselves for career in

Classic geology curriculum provides basic knowledge,
however the skills and experience required in workplace
is different and is learnt through self-education and
experience.  In order to help prepare students for
career in geology, LUGDAA Leadership Team would like
to promote inclusion of programs that would include
interaction with professional associations and internship
opportunities. Programs will be arranged for students on
the topic of problem-solving and analytical thinking skills.
Dr. Ahmad Ali Ansari  [1989]
Working as European manager for CSR and
sustainability services for global Swiss certification
company (SGS). Currently, residing in Hamburg
(Germany). My permanent residence is in France (in a
Jura city, named Besancon). 1994-1997, I did my
doctorate in Environmental Geochemistry from
Erlangen University of Germany. Since 1998 I have
been working in different public institution and
private companies in France and Germany in the
domains of applied environmental technology,
sustainability and supply chain management systems.

I am the point person to contact should you find
yourself in Germany and France. My role also includes
to provide job and project opportunities in this field.
Poornendu Singh Chauhan  [1988]
I provide quality assurance for this alumni website. I
edit postings and check for accuracy and relevancy of
information. I provide ideas to enhance this online
resource for the alumni. My leadership responsibility
also includes to provide a check to keep the
association aligned with the vision and mission.
Sanjay Pratap Singh  [1988]
I am a Director for Royal Group of Institutions,
Guwahati. After leaving Lucknow University as a
Lecturer in 1996, I worked for Govt. of India with
Department of Youth Affairs and Sports. I completed
my MBA program and worked as a Professor and later
as a Director for Sherwood College of Management in

I coordinate Alumni Meet and Reunions. I am
responsible for getting all logistics and putting a local
team to assist and execute. My leadership role also
includes fund-raising ideas.
Shubhadeep Kundu  [1989]
Started career with ACC Cement in the geology and
mining division. Worked mainly in limestone exploration.
In between, had a brief stint with Concrete division of
ACC mainly in marketing of road projects developed
and patented by ACC. After 21 years of service in ACC,
switched over to Zuari Industries, a company mainly
into urea and fertilizer production and working as
Deputy General Manager-Projects dealing with
establishment of new cement plant. Although geology
remains the mainstay, job profile now includes project
execution and administration.

My roles is to provide some assistance to the Geology
Department staff  in arranging field trips to mine sites
for post-graduate students.
Dr. Vibhuti Rai  [1982]
Department of Geology
University of Lucknow
Lucknow, U.P. PIN 226006
+91-522-2740015  (office)
+91-941-575-2111 (Mobile)

I am leading the effort for archival collection of the
department. I also provide photos and news on
recent activities, accomplishments and upcoming
events in the department.
Ravi Sharma [1989]
After post-graduation, I worked in India, Armenia,
Tanzania, Northern Ireland and Slovakia. I travelled
through Austria, Canada, France, UK, and USA, on
geological resource modeling projects. Currently
working as Manager Resources and Reserves for
Tournigan Energy Ltd.
I am one month on site and one month back home in
Mumbai. (Fly-in-fly-out contract). In past worked as
Chief Geologist for ACC Ltd Mumbai,   Chief Mines
Manager for Zod gold mines in Armenia (Vedanta
Resources), Chief Geologist for Bulyanhulu, Barrick
gold UG mines in Tanzania. ( ).
Mostly worked on Gold and Uranium for resource
calculation, grade control, production and QAQC.

My Leadership role is to provide information to
interested alumni on cutting edge skill sets for mining
jobs in India and abroad.

Anu (Grover) Manchanda  [1989]
I am a British Citizen living in Birmingham, UK. Working as
a Senior Gemmologist at AnchorCert Diamond and
GemTesting Laboratory, part of the Birmingham Assay
Office. ( I completed DGA
(Diploma of Gemmological Association) and FGA (Fellow
of Gemmological Association) from the Gemmological
Association of Great Britain. Received the Christie’s Prize
for Gemmology (2004) for my FGA. Completed
Professional Jewellers’ Diploma (PJ Dip) with distinction
from the National Association of Goldsmiths, UK, who
subsequently awarded me with Fellow of The National
Association of Goldsmiths (FNAG). Recently was awarded
Graduate Gemologist (GG) status from Gemmological
Institute of America.
I also tutor for the Gemological Association of Great
Britain’s Correspondence & Online distance learning
courses for students appearing for both - the Diamond
Diploma & Gemmology Diploma courses (DGA & FGA).

My Leadership roles include managing the LUGDAABOOK,
Facebook account for LUGDAA. I am responsible for
accepting requests from Lucknow University, Geology
Department alumni only.

Facebook: Anu Manchanda
Skype : amanc001

Suman Jha  [1989]

Hello! I worked as a geologist at MECL, India for five
years and later switched gears and studied Computer
Science. Currently working as a Lead Business Systems
Analyst at PNC Bank in Cincinnati, USA.

I oversee the general administration of LUGDAA and
serve as a liaison between LUGDAA Board of Trustees
and its alumni.
I maintain LUGDAA website, publish newsletters and
facilitate annual Alumni Meets.
Ashabikash Roy Chowdhury  [1984]

I am a 1984 alumni, currently working in Houston, USA
as an Application Engineering Advisor for upstream
service company; Baker Hughes. My career with Baker
Hughes started in 1985 when I assumed the
responsibility of wellsite geology. Since then, I had
varying roles and responsibility in the organization
including; pore pressure evaluation & geo-mechanics,
wellbore positioning, drilling optimization, direction
drilling, operation management and technical support.

I my current role with LUGDAA, I plan to assist existing
team in planning and executing various activities .
LUGDAA Leadership Team
members are located
worldwide. The members   
are listed below. You can
contact them if you have
any questions regarding
the association. Roles and
responsibilities of the
leadership team is outlined
in the LUGDAA By Laws.
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